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Paramo Ladies's Cambia Long Sleeved T-Shirt
Product Code PMOcambtpluswsls



The Paramo Ladies's Cambia Long Sleeved T-Shirt Neck is a high performance panelled base layer for year round outdoor activities. Close fitting for high energy activities where minimal loose fabric and flap is an advantage – on bikes, running etc. Unique among technical Tshirts & base layers, reversibility means two fabric faces allow you to fine-tune your comfort level simply by choosing which way out you wear the Tshirt. Maximum versatility from reversible function!

  • Very versatile garment - ideal when worn on its own or as a base layer under Paramo Directional waterproof and windproof jackets.
  • Reversible - 2 Tshirts for the weight and price of one!
  • The smooth face of the fabric reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise.
  • The honeycomb face of the fabric provides ‘dry’ comfort in cooler conditions.
  • Contoured fit for high energy activities where minimal flap is an advantage.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and rapid drying, ideal for travel and expedition use.
  • Complete freedom of movement and comfort from soft, stretchy fabric.
  • Increased comfort through flat seams and athletic cut.
  • Made from new Parameta T+

What it does: The latest Directional fabric, the new reversible Parameta® T+ is amazingly lightweight and stretchy, and offers the choice of two levels of cooling. It is an asymmetrical, wicking fabric that directs water from one face to the other as well as rapidly spreading moisture to speed up evaporation and the resultant cooling. Parameta® T+ robust fabric that can resist ‘pulls’ that baselayers can be prone to.

Key benefits:
  • Extremely light-weight and fine fabric that feels good against the skin.
  • Constructed with two different faces to offer you two different levels of cooling - two garments for the price and weight of one.
  • Moisture spreads really rapidly and evaporates very quickly for maximum effect and so also reduces pooling of perspiration.
  • Very quick and easy to wash and dry making it perfect for travel.

How it works:

In hot conditions, especially when you are working hard and/ or feel hot.

  1. Skin surface
  2. Fabric’s smooth water-attracting face worn next to the skin keeps water close to your skin
  3. Moisture wicks and evaporates rapidly to cool you down most effectively - offering maximum comfort during maximum perspiration.

When you need a lower level of cooling - in cooler conditions or if you feel cool

  1. Skin surface
  2. Fabric’s honeycomb, air-containing face worn next to the skin, giving a feeling of dryness and offering a lesser level of cooling.
  3. Water is directed away and held away from your skin, but effective evaporation of excess water is still able to occur.

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