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Nalgene Travel Kit With Carry Case
Product Code N9941 0002



When the guys at Nalgene get ready to go on a trip they pull out a one quart Ziploc baggie from the kitchen drawer and fill it with their little Nalgene bottles. They thought it would be nice if they had something a little sturdier and perhaps more stand-up-ish on the hotel sink. So they developed this one quart bag to fit the TSA regs. They added a leakproof zipper as a secondary containment in case that travel sized shampoo bottle leaks. They also threw in a little carabineer so it would be easier to hang. So they added four sub 3 oz leakproof bottles with color coded caps; one Q-tip vial, and one straight sided jar for pills or thicker gels and lotions. There is plenty of space left for the other liquids that you want to bring along. Nalgene have taken the prototype Travel Kit all over the world and they seem to stand up to lots of abuse.

  • 3 Square HDPE leakproof, color coded, BPA free 68 mL (2.29oz) Bottles Made in USA.
  • 1 Round HDPE leakproof, BPA free 70 mL (2.36oz) Bottle Made in USA.
  • 1 Q-Tiptm vial. We're not sure what this vial was for originally but it holds Q-Tips perfectly. It's a friction fit top so it is not leakproof. BPA Free. Made in USA.
  • 1 Straight Side Jar, 30 mL (1 oz) This contianer is not leakproof by Nalgene standards. This is a perfect jar for any pills that you may want to bring along. We use ours for thicker liquids like gels or shaving lotion. Made in Mexico
  • Bag with leak resistant zipper Made in China

Nalgene have very high standards when it comes to calling a container leakproof. They fill up the container and then pressurize it. If it does not leak they consider it to pass the test and be worthy of being called leakproof. They test the jars by filling them with water and then turning them upside down. If no water comes out they consider the jar to pass the test. So jars will hold liquid but they are not held to as high a standard as the bottles.
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