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Paramo Quito Jacket
Product Code PRMOQUITO




The Quito is a versatile jacket for a wide range of activities, from trekking to cycling. The contoured fit is ideal for multi-activity use when minimal weight combined with good protection is important.

During high energy activities in warmer weather when heavy rain is a possibility, it is important to have lightweight but reliable weather protection that won't cause you to overheat.

The Quito offers high performance weather protection and moisture management at a low weight. Generous ventilation allows precise temperature adjustment without removing layers.

  • Two generous and easy access sleeve/ torso vents with two-way zips provide excellent airflow with minimal water ingress even in rain.
  • Excellent field of vision and protection provided by fully adjustable securable hood with wired peak.
  • Handwarming from two internal pockets accessed via side ventilation zips.
  • Secure storage from large internal zipped mesh storage pocket.
  • Fully articulated shoulders and elbows for maximum freedom of movement and optimum fit.
  • Longer sleeves ideal for cyclists, with wide cuffs that can be pushed up for cooling
  • Visibility from reflective strip

What it does: The Nikwax Analogy® Pump Liner mimics the action of animal fur - pushing liquid water outwards to protect you from rain, condensation and perspiration, while protecting your insulation. This is combined with a Directional microfibre outer to deflect wind and rain.

Key benefits

  • Two layer construction traps still air giving superior insulation to keep you warm
  • Outer layer provides Directional water-repellency while the Pump Liner actively pushes liquid moisture away from the body keeping you dry from precipitation, perspiration and condensation
  • Continues to work just as effectively even in high humidity or very cold conditions
  • Water-repellency can be easily renewed for the lifetime of the garment with Nikwax Aftercare
  • The fabric is soft, strong, silent and durable

How it works:

  1. Skin surface
  2. Parameta® S is shown here worn next to the skin, drawing water away to keep you dry
  3. Nikwax Analogy Pump Liner pumps water away from the body
  4. Closely woven microfibre outer provides windproofing and Nikwax durable water-repellency. Air is trapped between Pump Liner and outer to give insulation
  5. Wind and rain is deflected away from the body while perspiration and condensation as liquid water or water vapour can escape

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